Proszek transferowy DTF - POWDER
  • Proszek transferowy DTF - POWDER

Proszek transferowy DTF - POWDER

DTF powder fine-grained adhesive for heating DTF printing is used in DTF, screen printing and other technologies.
For use in all DTF printers, both with and without a transfer tunnel. Intended for automatic and manual application

All commercially available DTF and screen printers.

The great advantage of the powder is its very fine-grained structure. After heating in a specialized oven, it perfectly fixes the print on the freshly printed foil.

The foil with the print and the powder can be easily transported,
without the risk of damaging the print.

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Transfer powder compatible with DTF foil

High-quality DTF adhesive for use in DTF textile printers and screen printing technology.
Durable airtight packaging guarantees durability and resistance to moisture.
Dtf powder is characterized by high viscosity, odorless, and after heating, it creates an ideal cured adhesive coating on the freshly printed foil, which, after being heated with a transfer press, permanently binds the printout to the material.
After heating the print with glue on the material, it adheres perfectly, creating a flexible, thin layer resistant to chemical and mechanical conditions.
Dtf powder is used for cotton, polyester and all types of other material blends.

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Proszek transferowy DTF - POWDER

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