Primer Uniwersalny do druku UV na powierzchniach wymagających
  • Primer Uniwersalny do druku UV na powierzchniach wymagających

Universal Primer for UV printing on demanding surfaces

The modern Primer for UV printing was created to improve the adhesion of prints on demanding surfaces. Its colorless formula does not leave stains or streaks on the media that require its use, which significantly translates into the final aesthetics of prints. Additionally, it can be used with any UV printing plotters. In addition to improving print adhesion, it provides increased resistance to scratches and external factors such as sun, humidity and other factors that have a negative effect on UV printing.
Capacity: 1000 ml, application temperature: 17-25C, color: colorless

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Universal UV Primer for demanding surfaces

The most important advantages of a universal primer include low costs of use, ease of application on media, quick time of action, colorlessness and many others. The primer was made in a single-layer technology, thanks to which the media is ready to print within a few minutes of its application. In addition, Primer protects pigments durability, thanks to which prints do not fade any longer.

Instructions for using Primera UV:
1. Surfaces to be printed must be degreased using a degreaser
2. Thoroughly dry the surfaces with a lint-free cloth
3. Soak a clean, lint-free cloth with a small amount of primer
4. Thoroughly wipe the entire surface with a damp cloth
5. Wait 15 minutes for primer to penetrate the surface
6. Soak a wipe with a lint-free cleaner, then wipe the surface thoroughly onto which the primer was applied. Attention! Too little or too much primer affects its proper operation.

The primer should be used within 30 days of opening. After the said period has expired, the Primer loses its properties. In addition, the product is flammable, please be careful when applying the primer.
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Universal Primer for UV printing on demanding surfaces

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