Epson DX7 print head uncoded for Wit-Color, Naniva printers

The original Epson DX7 printhead with high-quality lettering and very thin lines. The use of micro-piezo technology and a modern system makes the DX7 head one of the fastest and most accurate heads on the market. Versatility of use is another characteristic feature of the Epson DX7 head. The printhead works with pigment, water, sublimation and UV inks. In addition, the DX7 head is not coded.
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Epson DX7 printhead uncoded for Wit-Color, Naniva printers

The uncoded DX7 printhead can be used with many types of media and high pigment inks. The DX7 Micro-piezo printhead has eight channels and a resolution of 1440 dpi. The head works with Epson, Naniva, UVprinter, Allwin printers and many others, mainly Chinese production.
When replacing the print head, we recommend replacing consumable parts such as dampers, captops, pumps, and in particular tapes. During UV printing, please pay special attention to the proper protection of media before printing, in particular media made of glass or media made of glass plexiglass. Otherwise, the UV rays will bounce off the media and then hit the head. This action will result in permanent and irreversible damage to the printhead. Together with the replacement of the printhead, we recommend replacing consumable parts such as dampers, captops, pumps, and in particular signal tapes. Leaving old signal strips may result in electronic head damage.
Technical specification:
Head model: F189010
Resolution: 1440 dpi
Technology: Micro-Piezo
Min. drop size: 3.5 pico liter
Max. droplet size 21 pico liter
Origin: Japan
The EPSON DX7 printhead works with printers:
VESPLOTER: Naniva VP640.X2
UVPRINTER.PL: Smatch UV Spirit A1 | Smatch UV Spirit A2 | UV 6090 | Imprimo Hybrid 180 Printer
FORNI: 7090E
MEITU: MT-StarJet 7702 | MT-StarJet 7702L | MT-StarJet 7703 | MT-StarJet 7703L | MT-StarJet 77802L | MT-StarJet W7701
DTG printers: Aeoon DTG | Anajet Anajets BajuJET Dream Jet | DTG HM1 | DTG HM-1 | DTG M2 DTG M4 | DTG Viper | DTG-K3
Fast T-JET | Flexi Jets Focus Free Jet | Freejets Newsstand Kiosk II NeoFlex | Resolute DTG |
R-Jet 5 | R-Jet i3 | TexJet Veloci-Jet
SANYI TECH: SinoColor Storm SJ-1260 | SinoColor Storm SJ-740 | SinoColor Storm SJ-740i
ALLWIN: 180S | 250S | 320S
GALAXY: UD-2512LA | UD-1812LA | UD-1612W | UD-161W | UD-181LA | BY-1801B | UD-251LA | UD-2112LA
GONGZHENG: V1801S | 1802S | A1801S | 1802S | 2602S
WIT-COLOR: Ultra 9100 | Ultra 9000

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Epson DX7 print head uncoded for Wit-Color, Naniva printers

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