Pegasus Axis IV 2021  UV printer with 60x90 cm printing area
  • Pegasus Axis IV 2021  UV printer with 60x90 cm printing area
  • Pegasus Axis IV 2021  UV printer with 60x90 cm printing area
  • Pegasus Axis IV 2021  UV printer with 60x90 cm printing area
  • Pegasus Axis IV 2021  UV printer with 60x90 cm printing area
  • Pegasus Axis IV 2021  UV printer with 60x90 cm printing area

UV printer Pegasus Axis 5th gen direct printing and DTF UV

UV printer Pegasus printing and DTF Axis 5th gen. 2023

The Pegasus Axis 5th gen UV printer is another version of the well-known Pegasus Axis 6090 UV printer. The Pegasus Axis 5th gen is a groundbreaking uv printer with modern EPSON i1600 heads. The next installment of this Pegasus Axis UV printer allows for even faster printing and photographic quality of prints. What's more! our uv printer prints in the COLOR + WHITE + VARNISH configuration in one pass! Fast and uncompromising printing on everything from gadgets to printing on wood, plexiglass, glass, metal and many others. The unique parameters of the uv printer are the uv printing area of 60x90cm and 18 centimeters high! The Pegasus Axis 5th gen UV printer is a professional solution for every company. The fact that the printer can be used to transfer prints in DTF UV technology deserves the highest attention

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UV printer Pegasus Axis 5th gen

Pagasus Axis 5th gen - we are honored to present you the latest uv printer of the next 5th generation. For 7 years now, the well-known and valued AXIS model has evolved in accordance with the expectations of our customers. Thanks to the tips and suggestions received from users, we offer another uv printer, i.e. Pegasus AXIS 5th gen. One of the main advantages of the new uv printer is the introduction of modern EPSON i1600 heads, the use of this solution significantly increased the efficiency of the uv printer and guaranteed even higher quality of the printouts. In addition, the uv printer has been equipped with modern UV lamps with the function of angular exposure with a simultaneous protection system against exposure of the heads! The high power of the lamps allows for quick and high-quality printing without worrying about the quality of the fixed print. Another novelty in the Pegasus Axis uv printer is the change of control, the new generation CPU-Motherboard together with modern software perfectly manage the processes of printing and servicing the uv printer. The general concept of the uv printer is complemented by a modern stylistic design designed for full ergonomics and aesthetics.

Basic differences between the previous model of the AXIS uv printer

- The latest EPSON i1600 heads - high efficiency, increased durability.
- Pegasus Axis 5th gen printing on objects up to 18cm high.
- Heads-Protection anti-collision protection of print heads.
- Mother-Board-Management system software based on the latest chipsets.
- Innovative UV lamps with angular exposure
- RIP software to choose from PP or German Colorgate
- Printing on round objects.


The most important advantages of the presented uv printer Pegasus AXIS 5th gen.:

- Ease of use is the most important advantage of this uv printer Pegasus is ergonomic and aesthetic
- Durable UV LED lamp with adjustable UV light intensity.
- Print on any type of substrate from glass, wood, concrete, leather, etc.
- Flexible choice of ink in terms of customer expectations: durability and stability.
- FreeInk - free ink selection system - you are not stuck with the original!
- Large stable adjustable table with 6 zones vacuum.
- EPSON i1600 latest fast and durable variable drop heads from 2pc
- The UV printer is equipped with 3 lamps with adjustable power and angle setting.
- Ink system equipped with long-life infusion pumps.
- The printer applies uv ink in the "eclosion" system of drop dispersion.
- and many others.

Below are some application examples:

- Direct printing and NEW indirect UV DTF printing!
- All kinds of gadgets - lighters, cards, pens, key chains.
- Phones, cases, cover boxes, mouse pads.
- Stands, cartons, plexiglass, vinyl, rubber.
- Metal, aluminum, plastics, papers.
- Wood, plywood, mats, countertops, screens.
- Ceramics, glass, tiles, terracotta tiles.
- Materials, textiles, clothing, shirts, tshirt.




*Price includes Pegasus Axis 5th uv printer with three printheads

Drukarka UV AXIS 5

Data sheet

Marka Plotera
Model Drukarki / Plotera
AXIS IV 2021
Typ Atramentu
Kolor Atramentu
Typ Głowic
3 x EPSON i1600
Rozmiar Zadruku
Rozmiary drukarki
1590mm x 1620mm x 860mm
220V 280W

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UV printer Pegasus Axis 5th gen direct printing and DTF UV

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